2015 Vital Signs reports released

The Community Foundations of Canada and its local partners across the country have released the 2015 Vital Signs reports. Vital Signs is an annual check-up that measures the vitality of cities across Canada by examining significant social and economic trends. The reports provide a community snap shot and highlight the unique successes and challenges experienced in each city or region. Communities can use the Vital Signs reports to start important conversations and work towards acting on local priorities.

25 communities across Canada have released a report in 2015, many of which use EDI data to tell part of the story about the health of their community.

Dr. Magdalena Janus traveled to Kingston in early October to help promote the city’s Vital Signs report with a presentation on the importance of early child development.

“The key message is that an effort in the early years can have long-lasting positive outcomes,” Dr. Janus said. “Child development really encompasses all of these things we are discussing like community engagement, healthy nutrition and healthy lives and development and it is so important to our communities as a whole.”

Additional media coverage of the release of other local Vital Signs reports is available online.