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The Kindergarten Parent Survey (KPS) is a complementary questionnaire to the EDI. While the EDI provides a snapshot of how children are doing, the KPS provides information on specific or unique local factors that may influence a child’s developmental health.

The KPS was originally developed in 2003 in collaboration with the Halton Region and Halton District School Boards and gathers parents’ perspective on a set of core topics, including:

  1. Child Health and Development
  2. Child Care
  3. Pre-kindergarten
  4. Senior Kindergarten
  5. Family
  6. Neighbourhood
  7. Background Information

KPS data can help stakeholders understand:

  • the popularity of preschool programs
  • childcare service usage, barriers, and satisfaction
  • parental involvement in school activities
  • how safe families feel in their neighbourhood
  • which resources families have (or do not) have access to
  • families’ sense of social cohesion

Some examples of communities that have used the KPS in conjunction with the EDI include Halton region, Peterborough, and Windsor.

The Standardized Kindergarten Parent Survey (English)

The Standardized Kindergarten Parent Survey (French)

Early KPS validation results and findings

KPS 2018-2019 Preliminary Report