AEDC conference call for abstracts

The Telethon Kids Institute is hosting the 2018 Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) National Conference from March 14-16, 2018. The call for abstracts is open from November 1 to November 30.

The AEDC is the Australian version of the Early Development Instrument.

The conference will showcase what works (or doesn’t) in supporting children’s development, and the impacts different programs, service models, or policies have on children’s outcomes.

Presentations can be submitted to four themes:

  • Place-based early years service models
  • Early education and care pathways
  • Highly vulnerable families
  • Health systems

The last AEDC conference was held in 2015, the same year as the second collection of Australian national AEDC data was released. The 2015 conference featured a number of distinguished speakers, whose presentations are available to view online.

For more information please visit the AEDC website.