Interested in joining our team?

Some of the current research projects for our team include the study of social determinants of health for typically developing children, and children with special needs and specific disorders (e.g., ASD and FASD); measurement of sense of identity among 5 year-olds; and a study of developmental trajectories from kindergarten through later grades.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Janus is currently accepting Postdoctoral Fellows. There are a variety of different funding opportunities for postdocs, including the Lawson Fellowship through the Offord Centre, but many take time to put in place so interested candidates are encouraged to contact Dr. Janus as soon as possible.

Graduate Students

Dr. Janus is currently accepting Graduate students. Please contact Dr. Janus early in the application process to discuss mutual interests and determine whether working with the EDI team would be a good fit.

Undergraduate Students

Dr. Janus is always accepting undergraduate students and has previously worked with students from Health Science, Life Science, and Psychology. Undergraduate students can work with Dr. Janus for a 4th year thesis, 4th year independent project, 3rd year inquiry project, or student internship. Positions may also be available for summer students. Please contact Dr. Janus for more information.


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