EDI included in Health Inequalities Data Tool

The EDI is a key piece of a new government initiative to track and report on health inequalities.

Health inequalities are differences in health between population groups. These differences are largely beyond the control of individuals. The Canadian government has pledged to take action to end these inequalities. Monitoring and reporting on health inequality is a critical foundation to achieve this goal.

That’s why the Government of Canada created The Health Inequalities Data Tool.

The tool contains data on indicators of health status and health determinants. The EDI is one of these indicators.

The tool also features:

  • mortality and life expectancy
  • morbidity and disability
  • mental illness and suicide
  • self-assessed physical and mental health
  • disease/health condition
  • health behaviours
  • physical and social environment
  • working conditions
  • health care
  • social protection
  • social inequities

These indicators are then arranged by a range of social and economic characteristics.

The tool lets users select, download, and print data on health inequalities in Canada.

An example of how EDI data can be displayed
An example of how users can view EDI data

The tool is a collaboration between the Public Health Agency of Canada, the Pan-Canadian Public Health Network, Statistics Canada, and the Canadian Institute for Health Information.