McMaster Psychiatry Research Day 2017

McMaster’s 29th annual Psychiatry Research Day took place on May 3, 2017 at Mohawk College.

This year’s theme was Innovations and Controversies in Education Research.
Keynote speakers included Dr. Shiphra Ginsburg and Dr. Lorelei Lingard. Additionally, Dr. Geoff Norman and Dr. Jonathan Sherbino debated whether competency-based medical education leads to better doctors.
The poster session was a great opportunity to see the department’s latest research. The EDI’s contributions to the event are below.

Gaskin, A., Janus, M., Duku, E., & Webb, S. Monitoring progress on the objectives of the Kyrgyz Early Education Project (KEEP): Results of the Early Development Instrument in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Siddiqua, A., Taylor, S., Brownell, M., Duku, E., & Janus, M. Understanding prevalence and kindergarten behavioural profiles of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Taylor, S., Janus, M., Duku, E., Raos, R., & Coplan R. J. Prevalence and geographical variation of anxious behaviours and comorbidity problems in children at school entry using teacher-reported population-level data over time in Ontario.

Webb, S., Janus, M., Duku, E., Brownell, M., Guhn, M., Muhajarine, N., & Forer, B. Gender, socioeconomic status and early child development: Are boys from low-SES neighbourhoods getting left behind?

Zeraatkar, D., Duku, E., & Janus, M. The socioeconomic gradient in the developmental health of Canadian kindergarten children with disabilities.