New EDI resource: EDI Implementation Toolkit

The EDI team at the Offord Centre for Child Studies has published a new resource for those working with the EDI and interested in learning more about the instrument.

The EDI Implementation Toolkit provides a comprehensive overview of the EDI and is intended to help anyone become familiar with the ins and outs of the instrument.

The toolkit includes sections on the following:

  • Why the early years matter
  • Description of the EDI and its domains and questions
  • History of the EDI and where it has been collected
  • An overview of the general implementation process
  • How to interpret EDI results
  • Children with Special Needs
  • English Language Learners and French Immersion
  • What to do after receiving your EDI data/results and tips for working with the data
  • The validity and reliability behind the instrument

The resource is available to download here.

Please feel free to share with anyone working with the EDI or those who would like to learn more.