How to use the EDI

The EDI is a copyrighted instrument and a license for its use is required. Signing the license means the user agrees to the standard conditions in terms of usage, interpretation, and confidentiality of the instrument.

Requirements/Responsibilities of EDI users

In order to obtain a license to use the EDI there are a number of requirements and responsibilities users must adhere to.

Validity and Reliability

The EDI has undergone rigorous validation and reliability testing over the years, with both Canadian and international samples. The results have indicated that the EDI is ‘the right tool for the job’ of measuring children’s developmental health.

What can be done with EDI data

Learn more about how you can use EDI data.

How to Interpret EDI results

In community-wide implementations, EDI reports are provided to sites at the end of each implementation cycle. Understanding how to interpret these reports is essential for using the EDI to create meaningful change in your school or community.

Domains and Subdomains

The EDI is made up of five domains and 16 subdomains. Each domain and subsequent subdomain contains a set of unique EDI questions.

Researcher FAQ

Frequently asked questions by researchers.