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The state of early child development in Canada

A group of researchers from the University of Manitoba, McMaster University, and the University of British Columbia have written a discussion paper for the Public Health Agency of Canada on the current state and future direction of early child development in Canada.

Early Childhood Development in Canada: Current State of Knowledge and Future Directions

The discussion paper aims to summarize the current state of knowledge on early childhood development, based on the set of indicators in the Canadian Institute of Child Health’s 2017 Profile on the Health of Canada’s Children and Youth.

The paper describes how certain family factors impact the early years of children’s lives, including:

  • demographic characteristics
  • income and employment status
  • family and community characteristics
  • access to and use of health services
  • health status

The paper concludes with an overview of current policies, programs, and interventions that support early childhood development in Canada.

The report is also available in French.

History of the EDI in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia welcome
Photo by Dennis Jarvis

Nova Scotia’s experience with the EDI began over ten years ago, with the Understanding the Early Years (UEY), the national initiative aimed at strengthening the capacity of communities to use quality local research to help them make decisions to enhance children’s lives. Continue reading History of the EDI in Nova Scotia